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For my followers and friends, I have started working on a DBZ fanfic based around Future Trunks. Here's a link:…
DBM Predictions by Red-Jirachi-2
DBM Predictions
Modified edit of MimicZeThird's DBM Tournament Speculations

Battle speculations

Round Three:
* Cell vs Tapion: Cell is my favorite villain. Either he overpowers Hirudegarn, or more likely Hirudegarn reaches his second form, goes berserk, and Tapion has to forefit. I really want to see Vegeta battle Cell, to make up for his mistake of letting him go Perfect
* XXI vs Android 18: He's the Big Bad, she's an outdated android. Was there any contest? Based off XXI's comments, I hope we learn some info about him
* Gotenks vs Zen Buu: Buu already outmaneuvered Gotenks as base Super Buu. No contest
* Son Bra vs King Cold: As much as I dislike what a jerk sue Salagir waifu she is, it'd be out of left field for Cold to beat her. Though I hope he gives her a major challenge
* Dr Raichi vs Gast Carcolh: Rooting for the empire here guys. I love what they're doing with Dr Raichi, so I want to see him beat Gast. But he'll probably have to pull out Hatchiyack

Round Four
* Goku vs Uub: Yes, I want Uub to win. He is meant to be Goku's successor, so it makes sense for Uub to prove this by defeating his mentor. Goku still wins in a way since he's proven to have been a good teacher
* Vegeta vs Cell: Time to make up for letting him become perfect Vegeta! 
* XXI vs Buu: XXI is the Big Bad, and will know how to outmaneuver him
* Son Bra vs Dr Raichi: Break the haughty, Dr Raichi

Round Five 
* Uub vs Vegeta: Go Uub
* XXI vs Raichi: As the Big Bad, I'm sure he'll win. 
It has been recently revealed who fat Beerus(Champa) and waifu Whis(Vados) are-the God of Destruction for Universe for Universe 6, and his attendant. While we don't know nearly enough to guess his motives, we do know this: Champa is Beerus' brother, and Vados is Whis' sister. I've been wondering how they can be related if they're from different universes...and I think I know. If Beerus and Champa are siblings, that means they have parents. We know they were not always Gods of Destruction, as Whis mentions he trains successive Gods of Destruction. Now, their universes(six and seven) are twin universes.

So what if they inherited the job from their mom and dad? Imagine it: millions or even billions of years ago, the previous Gods of Destruction were Beerus and Champa's mother and father respectively. One of their parents from Universe 6, the other Universe 7. They married, and twins Beerus and Champa were produced. Now, about Whis and Vados: I think that either its a similar scenario, OR they come from an unknown "universe" that is above the other twelve in hierarchy? Universe Zero, if you will. And its this universe in charge of the other twelve, possibly even creating them

I guess we'll have to wait until at least the Champa arc though
Dragonball Multiverse Round 3 Predictions(warning: spoilers)

Already taking place as of 11 Nov 2015:
* U8 Freeza vs U18 Son Goku: Curb-stomp in Goku's favor
* U11 Fat Buu vs U18 Uub: Uub is victorious
* U18 Vegeta vs U13 Kakarotto: Total victory for Kakarot

In progress:
* U17 Cell vs U3 Tapion: I hope that Cell takes this, since it means his next opponent will be Vegeta. And Vegeta can atone for the mistake of letting him reach Perfect Form

Future Battles(Round 3)
* U5 XXI vs U14 Android 18/Lazuli: Is there any question? XXI will probably hold back almost all of his power just to troll 18
* U18 Gotenks vs U4 Zen Buu: Zen Buu already fought Gotenks as Super Buu. With his volume of absorptions, and experience, Gotenks will be easy pickings for him
* U16 Son Bra vs U8 King Cold: I'm rooting for Cold. While Son Bra is stronger, I feel Cold might outsmart here. I can see that either he wins and moves on to the next fighter, or he ends up disqualified because Freeza got his wish for immortality while sneaking around. Either way will help make U8 be more awesome
* U7 Gast Carcolh vs U3 Doctor Raichi: The last of their kind battle out. I am rooting for Doctor Raichi, to be honest

Future Battles(Round 4)
* U18 Son Goku vs U18 Uub: A lot of people think Goku's got this in the bag, but I disagree. First off, him winning would be way too predictable. Second, as Uub is meant to be Son Goku's successor, it'd show how far he's progressed by beating Goku. For his teacher, it's a win-win situation
For my followers and friends, I have started working on a DBZ fanfic based around Future Trunks. Here's a link:…


John Porteous
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Red-Jirachi-2 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015
Power comparison headcanon
* Fat Buu-0.15
* Super Buu-0.3
* Buuhan-1
* SSJ Vegetto-1.5
* SSJ2 Vegetto-3
* SSG Goku-6
* SSGSS Goku/Vegeta-7
* Golden Freeza-8(before stamina drop)
* Champa-9
* Beerus-10
* SSJ3 Vegetto-12(before stamina begins to drop)
* Whis-15
* Vados-15.5
BH-Ouji Featured By Owner Edited Nov 25, 2015
John Porteous - hmm, are you related to Phelous?
Red-Jirachi-2 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015
No, it's just a coincedence
BH-Ouji Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015
Ow, too bad
BH-Ouji Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015
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Thanks for the fave! :dance:
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Happy birthday
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I've seen what you told Tom Preston, well said. However, let me guess, he blocked you hasn't he?
Red-Jirachi-2 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015
If he did, it proves my point
Combinecommando Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015
He blocked me and perhaps a few hundred more, just give it some time. 
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